BIO-Health Rhythm Necklace


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  • Rhythm Necklace
  • Rhythm Necklace
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>Product Description

RHYTHM - Perfect Rhythm
The tapping of keys, inspiring in the office
The clicking of heels, confident as they decorate the city streets
The smooth swing of the club, the moment the bat and ball touch or the perfect arc of the ball soaring to the hoop, are achieved by steady rhythmic body movements working in perfect synchrony.  
"Whether it’s intentional or just by chance, you can always find your rhythm in life…" - Artificer Rhythm Necklace.

He is chic, apart from work, exercises daily and goes clubbing.
She reads poetry, immerses herself in the love of music and enjoyment of all foods.  
He cares about his health and grandchildren’s education, drinks only bottled water and the finest whiskeys.

Whoever you are, and however you live, our NEW Rhythm Necklace consisting of 2-Star AERO rating will ensure that where ever life finds you, you will be in total balance with your environment.  

AERO Classification:¬†‚ėÖ‚ėÖ

>How It Works

The proper functioning of our bodies require the passing of information via our body‚Äôs bio-electricity.¬†Strength and coordination is also influenced directly by this.¬†With our proprietary core technology ‚ÄĒ AERO Technology is utilized in all our products, even in EMI rich environments, you will be able to regulate your bio-electricity allowing your body to work in harmony thus stimulating your body‚Äôs coordination and exhibiting your original¬†potential power.

Artificer products not only regulate our body’s bio-electricity but also increases metabolism by releasing anions and emit far infrared, benefiting sleep quality and blood circulation.

From our raw materials to each step and process in our production, all have passed various SGS safety standards and have received confirmation from Germany’s TUV business certification, ensuring both safety and comfort of use. 

¬∑ No allergic reactions when wearing ‚Äď EU Nickel Directive
¬∑ Safe and Non-Toxic ‚Äď EU Children‚Äôs Toy Safety Standards
¬∑ 100% Natural Minerals ‚Äď GAMA Spectrum Analysis from the Atomic Energy Commission

>Product Spec
  • Material:¬†Medical Silicon with various Natural Minerals
  • Size (inches): 8.3 x 8.3 x 0.9
  • Length: 45cm (small), 50cm (medium), 55cm (large)
  • Made in Taiwan

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