Fluidilege 15ml (20 Capsules)

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Contains 9 organic plants to increase blood circulation and to make blood more fluid especially in the lower limbs.                

  • Stimulate venous tonus to increase blood return
  • Relieve from venous stasis congestions
  • To favor microcirculation by thinning the blood
  • Helps fight against varicose veins
  • Great red fruits taste
  • Helps to boost the circulation
  • For beautiful, light, healthy legs

Vine*(leaves) Vitis vinifera 780mg** included polyphenols 45mg***,Hamamelis* Hamamelis virginiana (leaves) 550mg**, Holly* Ruscus aculeatus (root) 250mg**, Ginkgo biloba* (leaves) 150mg**, Melilot* Melilotus officinalis (leaves) 100mg**, Hazel* Corylus avellana (leaves) 100mg**, Grapefruit juice* (fruit) 2200mg***, Blackcurrent* juice (fruit) 950mg***, Cranberry* juice 650mg*** Composition *Organic ingredients **Dry plant equivalent per 2 phial (30ml) ***Per 2 phials (30ml) 

- Suggested use: 1 ampoule per day for 20 days, stir well in a glass of water. To be repeated if needed up to 2 ampoules per day
- Contra-indications : taking platelet aggregation inhibiting drugs or anticoagulants
- 90 mg of polyphenols per 2 ampoules 

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