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As Winnie The Pooh’s favourite snack, the story of honey is older than history itself. KIWI Manuka, New Zealand’s FIRST Specialist Manuka Honey company established since 1996, gathers the best quality honey for you! 
Bees make honey from visiting millions of blossoms, and among the various types of honey, Manuka Honey stands out as one of nature’s most powerful supplement. With a smooth, sweet and fruity flavour, Manuka honey heals also your throat, cold and even wound, making it an all-round health product.

Is it safe?

  • We draw on knowledge of Maori landowners, who had centuries of experiences in Manuka for traditional medicine
  • An industry trusted UMF Certification
  • World-leading research/laboratory facilities for testing and analysing for our honey production

So, be rest assured that we serve only the Highest Quality and 100% Purity Manuka Honey for you!
Why the hesitation! Checkout the honey products below and enjoy your honey journey!