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HELAN: The power of NATURE and HERBS

Originated from Italy, 『 HELAN Cosmesidilaboratorio is a gift for all future mums and their little treasures. We are founded in 1976, by two talented Italian professor and lawyer: Elisa Bottini Massa & Vincenzo Moncalvo. Not only do we believe in pampering ourselves every so often with a natural remedy, 『HELAN』itself is more than just a name.

HELAN features『HELios』 (Sun) and 『ANimus』(Spirit), meaning as warm and bright as the sun while being a brand full of energy. We have specially picked quality ingredients (all natural essential oils, herbal extracts etc.) as well as a promising rule of not using any chemical perspectives, surfactants (SLS, SLES), fragrance and dye.

All our products have passed the Nickle test, meaning zero irritant, plus, 100% soothing and calm.